Our background is in film and entrepreneurship. We invite you to have a look at some of the work we
produced over the last few years.
Clients: Burger and Lobster, Aeroflot, HumaniQ, Tranformator YouTube channel, Yuri vDud YouTube channel,
ES Agency, Sodis Entrertainment and private clients.
Global Block Chain Expo 2018 at Olympia in London for CryptoBazar (cryptobazar.io/)
Two manic days, very fast turnaround and overall challenge because of overlapping schedules but we got it done in the end! Everyone happy!
Covering a Brand Awards ceremony that saw AEROFLOT awarded the Outstanding Brand of the Year 2017 award.
Covering a chilldren's entertainment event at the Mandarin Hotel for events specialists - ES Agency (www.esagency.co.uk)
Multi award-winning film we shot on location in St. Petersburg over 10 days.
This family drama that deals with issues of parental responsibility, forgiveness and self-sacrifice. The film was awarded Best Script at St. Anne's FF in Moscow (2016), Master of Emotions at Lublin Film Festival in Poland and Special Jury Prize at VKRATZE FF. Screened at over two dozen film festivals around the world and sold to FeelSales in Madrid.
We have worked with Mercury Films on a number of projects, both corporate and private, and they always came nothing short of doing an excellent job, delivering on time and within budget. I highly recommend them for a bespoke service and look forward to working with them in the future.

Anna Abramova
Project Manager, ES Agency


Initial Consultation

We'll discuss what you want to achieve with your video. What would you like to communicate? Who is your audience? We'll have initial creative conversations about the content, tone and style of your film. And then we'll develop what we've discussed into a proposal that works within your budget and timing, and satisfies your goals for the film.
Once we've agreed on an approach to your movie we will:
  • draw up a storyboard/ animatic to show what the video will look like
  • create a production schedule so you know how long the whole process will take
  • be transparent about the budget, so there are no surprises
    When the film goes into production, we will either use in-house equipment or hire our the necessary kit to meet the demands of the project. Crew-wise, it can range from a self-shooter to a large group (15+) depending on the complexity of the shoot.
    The post-production takes anything from 3-4 working days on a basic edit with music and titles to 3-4 weeks on videos that have VFX and 5-6 weeks where 3D animation is involved.
    During the process of amends, we can either send the draft film to you for comments, or can arrange a face-to-face meeting where we can work through them together.
    Will it drive my sales? How can I measure the success of the video?
    While these are valid questions, we believe the CUSTOMER is the FOCUS, not you. Your customer wants to know how you can solve their problems – that's what matters to them. They really don't care much about your history or your processes. And yet the vast majority of corporate videos today are still not written from the client's perspective. Most businesses continue to create videos that talk about themselves. You should be putting yourself in the shoes of your customer. What do they care about? What are their problems? Then position your company as the obvious and unique solution to those specific problems. Give the people watching your video something they can relate to, something that let's them see themselves in your video.

    Our approach is always to look at the brief and see how we can put our own unique creative stamp on it, whilst making sure it speaks volumes to your audience.

    We have the right tools and brain power to tell a story that will make your audience listen. Coming from a filmmaking background we put humans love for a good story at the heart of our approach. Below are examples of long form video formats that use a story as tool to reach out to the viewer and deliver a message in a subtle yet effective way.

    We are actively seeking collaborations with brands and start-ups to tell their stories.


    An "about the product" video should be about more than just the product. It should be about the problem, the solution, the experience, and the larger vision of what you're trying to build. We believe three components can greatly help
    ensure the success of your video:
    Telling a story
    Great stories are relatable and give promise of the future. It's worth putting yourself in customer's shoes and telling how your service can solve their problem.
    People relate and share funny content driving your ROI and building trust
    High production values
    Audiences are very smart and appreciate human ingenuity that comes with great talent on board. This is not critical as mini-budget shoots have gone viral in the past.
    Here's a few references:


    The goal of these videos is to answer questions and educate buyers who are experiencing problems or opportunities. Success of the video is measured by metrics like "action rate" and "share rate". These videos help bring the buyer's problem to life and hint at a solution.

    Example - SNACK video

    Snacks are fun, creative videos that don't meet existing demand, but nevertheless engage your target audience and can spread vitality due to their fun nature. These videos are most often posted on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, where users browse without specific intent.

    60 years of love in 139 seconds!

    Example - HERO video

    Heroes are typically large viral videos or ad campaigns, designed to achieve mass brand awareness. Hero videos usually require a lot of media or promotion spend and can involve an ad agency for creative help. These videos typically don't live on your website, but rather on YouTube or Facebook.

    Great docu-style campaign by Always aimed at empowering girls around the globe. Worth watching again even if you've already seen it!


    'About us" videos give you a chance to build trust with your audience and potential buyers by showing them who you are and what you stand for. Your viewer's internal dialogue is asking: "Is this is a business I can trust or do business with? Is this a product or service that will help me?"
    This brand film reflects a shift many big business are making to embrace women in the workplace, particularly in STEM roles. Here Microsoft embody one of their core brand values: inclusion.

    Through interview footage with young, female students — combined with a showcase of the largely unsung women inventors who have brought us everyday lifesavers such as windscreen wipers, laser cataract surgery and signal flares — this video inspires both students and viewers about what we can achieve when we dedicate ourselves to diversity

    Microsoft: What Are You Going to Make?

    Case Studies & Testimonials

    Often, prospects need validation from others about their decision to purchase a product. Video testimonials help your potential customers connect with brand advocates, increasing their confidence that the product or service you're offering is what they're looking for.

    Case study and testimonial videos build a sense of trust, provide a very clear solution to a stated problem and demonstrate data that breaks down savings, ROI, and important role your offering plays in achieving the outcome. Using case studies in the sales process provides proof that others find value from your product or service.

    Realtor Video Testimonial

    Check out this blog post to learn more about best practises when making product videos.
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